She Speaker Series - May
May 10 (Thursday) at 7:00 pm


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Class length
2 hours
Want to hear about new ideas + visions? Want to expand your horizons and learn something new? Come listen to local folks sharing BIG IDEAS! Light snacks and refreshments will be provided. $10 suggested donation goes toward free community programs at She Collective.

We've got our first speaker! Dawn M. Rivers of Daybreak.Yoga will share her experience about what's it's like being a yogi of color in an industry that doesn't look like her.
A bit about Dawn: "My yoga journey began in 1999 when I bought a Rodney Yee VHS yoga video. I would practice yoga in my basement as a way to bring fitness and stress relief into my life. Many years later I decided to become a yoga teacher. I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher certification at Cleveland Yoga in 2013. The style in which I was trained is that of Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga. My style of teaching yoga is mindful, energetic and fun! I use vinyasas to warm up the body and mind for more challenging poses while helping my students find their edge. They learn to build confidence, become self-aware by staring fear in the face. I bring them to a place of stillness through yin postures for a release of their connective tissues or fascia. Yin yoga helps to calm the nervous system and open joints where most stress seems to be stored in the body. Overall I use the influences of power yoga and adapt it as needed for my students and clients because I believe that every “body” can do yoga!"

I'm thrilled to introduce our next speaker! Madison Omahne (@MamaBirdHendry) is a conceptual artist based in Cleveland, OH.  She received her MFA in Sculpture from Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY in 2011.  Exhibiting since 2007, Omahne’s works has been included in pioneering events such as, Project AfterBirth; the first ever international exhibition based on the subject of early parenthood.  Since motherhood, her studio practice has shifted focus; expressing the mental and physical capabilities a woman endures during the perinatal period is a reoccurring theme throughout her current work.
With the premature birth of her second son, mothering her infant inspired her most recent project entitled, Mama Bird.  This body of work centers on protecting the mother/baby relationship to facilitate the healing process for both mother and baby following birth. Utilizing the artist’s lived experience, along with professional training, her goal is to inspire, support, and empower ALL women as they undertake their own transformation into motherhood. 

Next up: Anna Rencz will be speaking about how her work with death row dogs has translated into a better understanding of the world around her. Anna is passionate about educating others about canine behavior in hopes of creating a loving and honest dialogue.
Anna is the Owner and Head Trainer at Boss K9 and Co-Owner of Dress No Evil. Her experience in multiple fields of work has proved her to be a true jack of all trades. Anna has experience in the music industry, event planning world, and art therapy. Anna first gained her dog training experience after fostering a human and dog aggressive dog which is now her beloved pet, Bubbles. Before Bubbles Anna was terrified of dogs her entire life. While getting Bubbles professional training at Heights Canine she fell in love with transforming dog’s lives. An opportunity opened up at Heights Canine, giving Anna the chance to develop skills she would then carry for the rest of her life. Climbing to the top of the ladder at Heights Canine she became their Head Trainer and Facility Manager at their Columbus location. Anna has trained extreme cases of human aggression, dog aggression, and severe separation anxiety with great success. Anna has now created her own business in Cleveland, Ohio called Boss K9 where she continues to bring clarity to both canines and their companions.

Last but not least, Magan Mclaughlin will talk about the process of not letting yourself get hardened by some of the “less than desirable” circumstances we all face within our personal, creative, and professional lives, how her heart has operated through the journey thus far, and how she can “clean house” of those trials. A little about Magan: "I am currently working as the Founder and Co-owner of Dress No Evil, building a second, soon-to-be-launched small business, and freelance creative producer in the film and photo industry. Growing up having one job or one specific skill never really appealed to me. I want to be well-rounded enough to utilize my skills and traits in many areas. I just want to be creative. While keeping creativity in focus, I have been able to touch base in several different areas ranging from, but not limited to:
-DIY makeovers and design for television shows, commercials, movies, and personal residences
-Building creative solutions for corporate entities
-Writing, performing, and managing plays
-Hosting events to raise awareness and funds
-Traveling to displaced-people areas to hear their stories and find inspiring ways to solve problems
-Going to school to learn fine arts and psychology in hopes to someday be an art therapist (still in the works)
-All the way back to starting my own business in 2012 and watching it wax and wane to this day."

We are currently looking for speakers for this Series! Want to talk about your idea, vision, story? Email to sign up for your 15 minute slot!

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