Self-Loving Workshop: Orgasm and Masturbation
October 23 (Tuesday) at 7:00 pm

Laura Bogush
Class length
2 hours
Session 2: Orgasm and Masturbation
Participants share how they feel about their orgasm and masturbation. A video of a woman masturbating is viewed and discussed.

Self-Loving Workshop Series – Weekly October 16 to November 6
This series of four two-hour workshops will empower vulva-owners to love their bodies and enjoy better orgasms through small group sharing and discussion. Sessions can be taken individually, but participation in all four will maximize the benefit. Self-Loving Workshops are inspired by Betty’s Dodson’s Bodysex method but do not require participants to be nude. Each session is limited to twelve participants.

Laura Bogush is a sex educator and pleasure coach. A former first grade teacher and college professor, she holds a Master’s degree and has over 30 years of experience in the field of education. A student of Betty Dodson and a Bodysex facilitator, she is passionate about providing opportunities for women/vulva-owners to explore their sexuality, heal body shame, and maximize pleasure.
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