Self-Loving Workshop: Vibrators and Sex Toys
October 30 (Tuesday) at 7:00 pm

Laura Bogush
Class length
2 hours
Session 3: Vibrators and Sex Toys

Participants share their experiences with vibrators and sex toys. Different types of vibrators and sex toys will be examined. Participants are invited to bring their own vibrators and sex toys for a fun “show and tell.”

Self-Loving Workshop Series – Weekly October 16 to November 6
This series of four two-hour workshops will empower vulva-owners to love their bodies and enjoy better orgasms through small group sharing and discussion. Sessions can be taken individually, but participation in all four will maximize the benefit. Self-Loving Workshops are inspired by Betty’s Dodson’s Bodysex method but do not require participants to be nude. Each session is limited to twelve participants.

Laura Bogush is a sex educator and pleasure coach. A former first grade teacher and college professor, she holds a Master’s degree and has over 30 years of experience in the field of education. A student of Betty Dodson and a Bodysex facilitator, she is passionate about providing opportunities for women/vulva-owners to explore their sexuality, heal body shame, and maximize pleasure.
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