Stress-busting for Caregivers, Activists, Writers and...
January 22 (Tuesday) at 7:00 pm

deb ~:
Class length
2 hours
Are you stressed from being:

*an activist
*overcome with sorrow by what is happening to yourself or others due to a patriarchal system, and power systems that create inequities around race, sex, gender, class, immigration, healthcare, ableism, age, unequal pay or...
*stretched by responsibilities for whatever reason (work, relationships, life)
*a caregiver of children, elders, etc.
*just,     b e i n g

It’s not surprising.

Unfortunately, many of our day-to-day stresses are being turbo-charged due to the current climate and the many shifts that are taking place in society.

In this workshop, we’ll briefly go over a few foundational habits that help deter the damage that stress can cause and serve as building blocks for those who choose to use them.

We’ll also learn some practical stress stymieing techniques that we can practice anywhere -- despite our location or time restrictions. Do some soothing stretches to relieve tension. Learn a specific meditation and breathing form that helps calm our beings.

By the end of the workshop, you ought to have a plan or ideas to easily create one that resonates with you.

Join us to learn healthy ways to offset negativity and rejuvenate yourself!

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring whatever writing tools you want to use.

{$10 fee. Ability to pay should not be a barrier to attendance. If you need a discount, or the fee waived, please email to let us know you're interested in participating and we will reserve your spot.}

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