Period 101 for Preteens + Teens
January 26 (Saturday) at 3:00 pm

14 spots left


Liz Harris + Che Leetch
Class length
2 hours
A crash course of what’s happening to your body once puberty and your period starts. We will talk about what menstruation is from the scientific perspective and then break it down for how it applies to you in the real world. We will give an overview of puberty, menstruation, cramps, period tracking, PMS, menstrual product options, going to the gynecologist and what to expect, bodily autonomy and empowerment, and a Q&A session at the end. 

The class will begin with 20 minutes of body empowerment yoga taught by kids yoga specialist Che Leetch.

Parents/guardians are welcome to drop off/pick up or relax in our reception space during the class. We find that preteens and teens are willing to open up more and ask more questions when parents are not in attendance.

$5 suggested donation will help keep this class free and available to all, regardless of ability to pay!

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