"Mothering From the Inside Out" Series Pass

This pass will guarantee your spot for each class in this monthly series, offered by therapist Rachel Bowers, LISW-S:

Mothering from the Inside Out Series
Introducing Mothering from the Inside Out brought to you by Resilient Mamas. Maternal wellness coach and therapist Rachel Bowers brings you insight drive exercises to help you do the work of making sense of the roller coaster ride that is motherhood. Take the time to reflect (uninterrupted!) on what you are yearning for and how you want to grow on this journey. Empowerment based discussion and practical tools you can use in your daily life are offered in this 1.5 hour workshop. Join us for all sessions or choose the ones that speak to you.

Session 1: Healing Your Own Mother Wounds, January 24 @ 7pm
It can be difficult for us to find our way in motherhood when we carry our own wounds from the relationship we had with our own mothers. Whether you have a deep well of issues with your mother or despite a strong relationship you feel you may have picked up some not so healthy habits from her this workshop focuses on how we can utilize awareness of these wounds to see their impact on our daily interactions with others (especially our children) as well as discuss ways of healing and offering ourselves the nurturing we need to nurture others.

Session 2: Who Am I?, February 28 @ 7pm
We know mothering is so much more than changing diapers, feeding, and chauffeuring kids to soccer practice. Sometimes we might feel lost amongst the busyness and are yearning to feel grounded in why we chose this journey in the first place. We'll take a deep dive into the many aspects of figuring out who we are as as women first and mothers second. We'll assess our personality traits, values, and how we see ourselves in the context of our worlds. You'll leave feeling you know more about who you are and being proud of it.

Session 3: "This is not what I expected" Resiliency Tools for Moms, March 28 @ 7pm
For some of us motherhood hit us hard. We weren't expecting the loss of control, identity, stress, sleep deprivation, and overwhelm that comes with this life. We'll examine resiliency skills and how we can apply these skills to the everyday problems we encounter. You'll leave feeling like you have a suit of armor to weather whatever motherhood throws at you.

Session 4: Letting Go of Motherhood Guilt, April 25 @ 7pm
Guilt- a 5 letter word that seems so incredibly heavy at times. We'll dissect the motherhood guilt we feel, discuss the differences between warranted guilt, unwarranted guilt, and shame and alongside some mom to mom support based discussion learn daily cognitive techniques to utilize to defeat the guilt monster inside of our heads.



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